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The foxglove inspired our name and symbol because this Pacific Northwest wildflower reclaims the beauty of forests that have been stripped and burned. If you’ve lived in the Northwest very long you’ve seen your favorite woodlands clearcut. From the ashes, wild foxgloves grow. Their magnificent blooms rise in poignant defiance over the twisted skeletons of once queenly trees, and clothe whole devastated hillsides as if to say that ruin will not have the final word. Waving gently over the ruins of forests, their showy beauty is a Pacific Northwest reminder that beauty can rise from the ashes. 

At Wild Foxgloves we believe that beauty can return to the life of anyone who has suffered heartache

 or trauma and is willing to sift through the heartache. 

Perhaps you have named the harm you have suffered, or perhaps, you just know that depression or anxiety lingers in your life or that you react to your loved ones in ways you don't understand. If this speaks to you, we invite you to look over our website and consider scheduling an appointment.


Our focus is young professionals, however it's a delight to work with any adult (18 or older) who has a deep desire to courageously engage their story of heartache.

A Note about Current Events

Our past is the framework from which we understand and react to the present--the pandemic, financial difficulty, loss, racial oppression, uncertainty--and the present often triggers past harm we have suffered. In the context of the current events in our world,  if you find that you're stressed-out, have lost focus and motivation, find navigating everyday life feels like work, or it's stirring harm you suffered in times past, we invite you to consider scheduling an appointment. Understanding how our past influences how we respond to the present can bring deep relief. 


Our philosophy is that everything about who each of us is began somewhere--whether we know that beginning, or are searching for it--and that these beginnings hold the answers we seek about ourselves and the keys to the healing we hunger for.

Often we can’t put a finger on where the depression, anxiety, anger, fear, lack of confidence, feeling disconnected from the world around you, or feeling of having lost yourself came from. We are a collection of our experiences and how we have navigated through them. Wild Foxgloves gives you the support you need to turn over the leaves of your life, discover the roots of what holds you back, and to re-author your future. 


We live in a broken world where every individual has faced deep harm without exception--and some have suffered harm beyond words. Wild Foxgloves welcomes and cherishes your stories of heartache, harm, and trauma and seeks to hold them with utmost kindness. We consider it a sacred privilege to journey with adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse, who seek restoration for what has been shattered.


A journey towards wholeness

Cresaya L. Lacy received a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Walla Walla University in 2018, completed an internship with clients who had suffered abuse and trauma, and will soon be pursuing certification in Narrative Focused Trauma Care through The Allender Center.

Subscribing to Allender Theory's core principle that therapists can only engage the heartache of others as far as they have gone themselves, Cresaya deeply and actively engages her own story of harm. 

There are few who can handle the reality of this world’s darkness, and fewer who are willing to engage the trauma caused by it. All too often this leaves victims alone. Cresaya is humbled by the privilege to walk beside adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse, through their deepest heartache, be witness to their deepest suffering, help untangle what has been bound, bring light where there has been no hope, and restore beauty where there has only been pain. 

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."

-Unknown Proverb-

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