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Antique Volumes

My Library

Books, movies, and podcasts can deeply enrich a healing journey.

Please make yourself at home and peruse the library .

Wherever possible I linked to a local, independently-owned bookstore on Bainbridge Island.

(I receive no benefit other than the joy of supporting someplace that is part of curateing community).

Prefer to listen? Most books below are also available as audiobooks.

Traumatic Brain Injury

This section was placed first as scrolling is difficult for many who live with the effects of a brain injury. 

The Brain that Changes Itself.tiff
The Brain's Way of Healing.tiff
The Wild Edge of Sorrow.jpeg

Healing Childhood Wounds

The Body Keeps the Score.tiff
Why is it Always About You_.jpg
Will I Ever Be Good Enough_.jpg
The Drama of the Gifted Child - Amazon.jpeg
To the Unloved Daugher Amazon.jpeg
The Wounded Heart.jpeg
Healing the Wounded Heart.jpeg
Becoming Attached 1st ed.jpeg
Discovering the Inner Mother Amazon.jpeg
Bold Love.jpeg
Waking the Dead Expanded.jpeg


Reconnect Book Image.jpeg
The Wounded Heart.jpeg
Healing the Wounded Heart.jpeg
The Betrayal Bond.jpeg
Becoming Attached 2nd Ed.jpeg

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