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About Cresaya E. Kingsbury, M.A.

Storywork Counselor in Bainbridge Island & Marysville


I am in awe of mountain wildflowers, which flourish despite growing in a harsh environment.

Hi! I'm Cresaya E. Kingsbury

I'm quirky, empathetic, a good listener and sometimes even funny. 


Life is rarely how we envisioned it. You deserve to have someone walk with you through what life has held.


I'm honored to sojourn with adults who desire healing for childhood wounds, abuse, or trauma. Additionally, I offer couples counseling (everyday life, navigating brain injury, engaging infidelity and everything in-between), counseling for brain injury, and consultation about brain injury.

 If you long for change it would be a privilege to journey with you. 


Professional Details

I'm a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and StoryWork counselor. I have a practice in Washington State with offices on Bainbridge Island and in Marysville and offer both in person sessions and TeleHealth.

Having personally encountered profound healing from The Allender Theory, I completed two certificates in Narrative Focused Trauma Care through The Allender Center so I could offer that care to others. Additionally, I bring to this work over 10 years of experience journeying in the medical field alongside individuals living with the aftermath of a brain injury whether that occurred from a difficult birth, sports, a car wreck, abuse, assault, brain surgery, chemo, a neurologic condition, a brain tumor,  a loss of oxygen of some kind (including heart attack), stroke, or unknown causes. 

​Outside of the Office

I revel in the beauty of the ocean, find myself enchanted by flowers, indulge my creativity through writing, pursue my own healing work and spend time with my beloved pets. 

About Wild Foxgloves Counseling

The foxglove is a Pacific Northwest wildflower that grows and blooms where woodlands have been clear-cut, stripped, and burned. Its presence is a deep reminder that devastation will not have the final say. Waving gently over the remnants of forests, it is a symbol of hope and resilience, that beauty can rise from the ashes.

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Let's Talk!

Schedule a consultation session and see if we're a good fit.

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